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Year Workshop Description
2015 104. Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) Careers Be the movers and the shakers of your generation. Consider careers in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). STEM careers are evolving into the most exciting, high demand and high paying jobs of the future. There are on an average, two (2) jobs for every STEM graduate. Your career opportunities will be endless and worldwide. These are the careers that make the world go round and take it to new heights. This forum will provide you with an opportunity to hear from STEM professionals that will expose you the many career opportunities for you to consider.

2015 Survey Items (n=32) Disagree
Neutral Agree
1. I really enjoyed this workshop/forum. 3% 0% 38% 31% 19% 50%
2. I am more interested in this topic after attending this workshop/forum. 3% 0% 41% 19% 25% 44%
3. I will use the information given to me in this workshop/forum. 3% 0% 34% 22% 28% 50%
4. This workshop/forum had my full attention. 0% 3% 41% 16% 22% 38%
5. The presenter gave enough information so I could understand what was going on. 0% 3% 31% 34% 16% 50%
6. I recommend keeping this workshop/forum for next year. 0% 0% 38% 13% 31% 44%